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Grew up a lot of places, did a lot of things, had a lot of things happen to me. read about it....its kind of amusing.


wind chimes, bob dylan, classical music, wine, chocolate, history, fame, lace, animals, cambodia, boots, china, sylvia plath, cheese, sushi, ghosts, san francisco, beaches, silk, seattle, corsets, velvet, moulin rouge, flamingos, mangoes, costa rica, caviar, mountain climbing, pranks, mermaids, cinnamon, fur, rothko, philosophy, weddings, japan, france, skiing, red lipstick, sex, poetry, people, ts eliot, classic rock, singing, bondage, ribbons, fairies, truffles, asia, art deco, johnny depp, white oleander, punk rock, emeralds, pickles, the moon, coco chanel, bolivia, peru, feathers, shanghai, string theory, empathy, leather, tomatoes, pretty things, salmon, tree houses, scorpions, nepal, my sister, greece, my grandparents, climbing trees, taos ski valley, yosemite, gongs, central america, balenciaga, wasabi, massages, dh lawrence, sparkles, mummies, ysl, freckles, my parents, coconut, thai curry, black holes, chloe, mustard, georgia okeefe, kimonos, napa, elizabeth bishop, blackberries, hannah arendt, rococo, hemmingway, saris, yellow roses, the dreamers, enthusiastic people, adrenaline, vineyards, arms, headdresses, fooood, pretty people, leaping, prophets, hero cults, tiger lilies, columbines, helmut lang, vivienne tam, luxirare, robert pinsky, craig arnold, nietsche, hegel, the chinese cultural revolution, lobsters (for eating and for inspiration, ) curry, indian curry, asian fusion anything, mixed race people (cause they're the most beautiful, ) wine wine wine, margaret river australia, love me if you dare, getting my mind blown, wide eyed enthusiasm, huge smiles with food stuck in the teeth, sparkley eyes, eighties synth pop, whatever the fuck "indie" is i guess i like that too, opera (wagner most specifically, ) kierkegaard, inner mongolia, myanmar, orion's belt, green and white sapphires, wedding kimonos, machu picchu, the osa national park, tunnels, forts, old war zones that have been grown over, hibiscus flowers, tulle, fuck me boots, sequined boots, lace up boots, patent leather boots, sex with boots on, silk eye masks, bo (my dog and my stuffed animal, ) elphaba (my kitten, ) snakes (symbolically and actually, ) spiders, gold encrusted things, soft hair, hair twirling, stroking people, when food crunches, the sound of tennisballs, windy sunny days, downpours, sunset clouds, sunrise streaks, crying aboutboys, crying about existential dilemmas, my aunt, my beautiful cousins, chinese antiques, rock gardens, character flaws, thoughtful eyes, eyebrows, guy shoulders, penis lines, abs, jawlines, trannies, flamboyance, cameras that go, "click, " blushing so hard that my whole body temperature changes, trying to figure people out then actually getting to know them and realizing they are better or more complicated than i thought, when the temperature changes for the better, when it snows when its sunny, having a four hour conversation that makes me happy for the next week, crystal prisms that send rainbow reflections everywhere, beautiful scarves, hot bodies, the private lives of politicians, haight st, gothic cathedrals, fish skeletons, scorpion skeletons, baby hairs, beautiful hands, long legs, plump lips, blue eyeliner, green (every shade imaginable, ) royal purple, yellow on asians, white on blondes, red on sexbombs, olive skin, swedish caramel skin, blue veins through hands and feet, poking veins in general, passionfruit, fresh tuna, pumpkin pastries, sour dough bread, soy sauce, terriyaki, bree cheese, stinky stinky cheeses!, kisses just on the lips (without tongue) that last a good five seconds, having my face held between a pair of hands, neck kisses, feathers on my toes, falling out of trees, flying out of swings, opera singing alone, mimicking bob dylan alone, banana peppers, duck (yeah im vegetarian...but a good duck sends me to heaven, ) boas, boa constrictors... ..oh god... thats quite enough