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October 26, 2010


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I never know what to say when people impress the shit out of me.

"Great freaking poems!!" <--- that lacks something for sure, but take it anyway.

Are you still feeling like death incarnate? That sucks. Buuuuuut... Does it have its benefits, being Death?

Your second poem was clever and hilarious and saddening and oh em gee amazing. The picture even goes with it! And no, I'm not saying you look clever and saddening and hilarious and oh em gee amazing. Just the first and last things.


ok I looked up all the drummers I know and nobody has your email on facebook. so i give up.

I also looked up DrumTheDarling in general and nothing comes up...
so yes, I give up.

Im glad you like the poem! I wrote that 2nd one pretty quickly because the first one was so....restrictive...and it was a relief after writing the first one to have a bit of freedom.

being Death has benefits only because it gives you more license to get away with whatever you want in conversation because you're "sooo out of it"

you might enjoy this quote, my mom always says it

(thats another attribute of death incarnate i guess?)


LOL I love your mom's quote!

It actually didn't occur to me that you don't know who I am until I read your message the other day. It wasn't a secret really.

But now that you've said part of you wishes you won't find out because it's fun, I kind of have to agree haha

Do you really not know who I am? And, are you sure you want to know? I'm afraid it will ruin the fun now.

I am a girl, though, in case you thought I was a guy. I'm pretty damn charming, so I can understand if you weren't certain :P

"Drum the Darling" is the name of the first poem I ever wrote and liked. It has nothing to do with me being a drummer. I suck at drumming.


ok i have either kati, natalie, kyla or ginny???

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